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Art Meets Chocolate

Always: Chocolate bars, bulk chocolate, confections, barks, truffles, chocolate fondues, hot chocolate mixes and hot chocolate prepared beverages and everything else chocolate 

Summer: Gelato, ice cream sundaes, ice cream sodas, floats, Italian sodas, ice cream shakes and smoothies, ice cream sandwiches and chocolate dipped popsicles, ice cream cakes (special order only) and everything else ice cream 

Mostly summer or special occasion (i.e., Valentine’s, Mothers Day, etc…): chocolate fondue, chocolate dipped fresh fruits (strawberries, fruit skewers, frozen bananas, etc..) 

Rotating menu: Waffles, crepes and pizzas, tacos (sweet) with toppings such as fresh fruit, cream cheese, chocolate and caramel sauces, nuts, etc… 

Rotating menu: Chocolate mousse, parfaits, chocolate cakes, brownies, cookies and other chocolate related pastries and desserts 

Sylvia Punguntzky